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2015 - Masthof Press   (Ryhming K-6)


Sometimes in life we face many obstacles. We have to swim against the current just to stay in the stream. We have dreams, hopes, goals, and many other things in life that we aspire to do. There will be those that help us in accomplishing those tasks, and there will be some goals that won’t be reached, and perhaps for the better.

Trout is your average fish in a forest stream who sets a goal to swim to Crystal Lake, a beautiful, deep, sparkling lake where he can thrive and have no fear of predators, fisherman, or of finding a deep enough hole to survive.

Trout experiences many setbacks and challenges and feels like giving up on more than one occasion. Each setback brings Trout closer to his goal and makes him realize that there are others that always come along and help him, even if at first it seems bad.

Trout’s Adventure reminds us that while we may reach our goals, they may not be everything we had hoped for in the beginning, and perhaps where we were, is where we’re to be.

Trout's Adventure Story Book

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